Moorhead Athlete Headed to PyeongChang

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The slopes in PyeongChang will soon see a Moorehad Athlete on them. Brynn Duncan is getting a once in a lifetime opportunity at just 17-years-old.

"The only words I saw was congratulations Brynn you're going to Korea and I didn't read anything any further than that." Brynn says with a small laugh.

Brynn will be packing her bags for South Korea after she applied for a grant with hundreds of others for one unique opportunity.

"I applied for this grant and it's through a team in Utah that I ski for sometimes, and we waited way to long, and my mom got the email first." Brynn says.

"I was going to call her, and I was like, no I want her to see this email first. And I just held my phone, and it was within seconds she called me screaming to where I couldn't even understand a word she was saying. She was screaming 'I'm going, I'm going, I'm going' " Dixie Duncan, Brynn's Mother, laughs.

Brynn will soon be on the same slopes as Lindsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin, but not to compete.

"We are skiing with Korean kids, and so for 3 days we ski with Korean kids and just be there to show them that you have a life even though you are disabled." Brynn explains.

A car accident broke Brynn's back at just 7-years-old, but the injury hasn't broken her spirit or her strength. She skis for two teams, one in Utah and one in Colorado.

"We do the same races as regular Olympians would do, so we do slalom, GS, super G and downhill." Bryn explains.

"First time Brynn ever skied was though Hope Inc. and down in St. Cloud where they put her in a monoski," Dixie says "And it's scary because she's balancing on one ski, but when you watch her now like we went skiing this past weekend with my daughter up in Michigan, and she is so fast we can't keep up with her, she just flys down and people are just watching her because she is amazing on the snow."

The the skills she's learned over the last 10 years will be taught to young Korean kids.

"She's amazing, so I think just seeing that, look what she can do and she's 17, she's been doing this since 2010, these kids have the same ability to do that and maybe in their time compete in the Paralympics at some moment." Dixie says.

And the Olympics is Brynn's goal.

"Hopefully 2022 the Beijing Olympics." Brynn says with a smile.

"We told the family they better start saving their money, we have 4 years because if she goes we want to go as a family, we want to be there with her." Dixie laughs.

While Brynn is in PyeongChang she will be able to attend the opening ceremony as well as some of the events to cheer on other athletes competing.