Mod Squad helping to save man's best friend

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BEMIDJI, Minn. (Valley News Live) It's a new program aimed at saving man's best friend.

It could be moving it's way toward the Red River Valley.

Lucky for dogs like Lola and Marley.

They ended up here at the Great River Rescue in Bemidji.

"He started out where he was just jumping all the time and now he's just calm," Anglela Morris one of the dog trainers said about Marley. "Marley has been in our program for just under a week, actually. We just had another adoption from our mod squad."

The Mod Squad is a volunteer dog behavioral modification program that started out in Wisconsin.

"We pinpoint what behavior issues they have and then they're certain scripts in the handbook," said Ethan Larson the Mod Squad coordinator.

Aggressive toward people, other dogs or other behavioral problems make these dogs harder to adopt.

"I've worked with about 30 of them. And it is unbelievable the amount of change. Sometimes even within a week," said Morris.

It's working. Since the program started three years ago they have adopted out over 91 percent of their dogs. Only having to put down three.

"Hopefully those things will carry on to the people that do adopt them," Morris said.

That's the goal.

"Love and attention," Morris said.

Finding these guys a home.

The program started in Wisconsin, there they've saved over 600 dogs throughout the years. Some shelters in our area are considering adopting a similar programs.