Minnesota woman warns people after chunk of ice goes through windshield

Published: Dec. 11, 2019 at 5:51 PM CST
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A Minnesota woman is saying she's glad to be alive Wednesday. She was on her way back home to Red Wing, Minnesota, when ice flew off another vehicle and smashed her windshield. The woman is okay, but now she wants others to learn from her incident.

Many are counting their blessings this season.

"All a sudden I saw this ice block," said Sophia DiNatale from Red Wing, Minnesota.

DiNatale says she's just grateful to be alive.

"I was like okay I thought it was just regular snow, I didn't think anything of it and all of a sudden it smashed straight through my windshield," said DiNatale.

A two feet piece of ice shattered through the driver's side, cutting up DiNatale's face and head.

"I got very lucky," said DiNatale. "Everybody at the scene said it could have been a lot worse; I could have been killed."

We decided to show the aftermath to people in the metro. Many say rushing to get onto the road without checking isn't worth it.

"We just need to be more aware of the snow on our own vehicles and other people's vehicles to make sure we keep our distance if we see somebody who has a lot of snow on the back of their vehicle," said DiNatale.

The Minnesota state patrol tells us, if snow happens to fly off your vehicle, you could be cited with at least a $100 fine or more if someone in another vehicle gets hurt.