Minnesota girl sets up lemonade stand to help with parent's medical bills

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MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live) A young girl in Moorhead was frustrated by her parent’s medical bills, yet instead of complaining about it she took action by setting up a lemonade stand to help them out.

Phoenix Gilmore, 10, was ready by Saturday morning to sell lemonade in south Moorhead.

Gilmore said it’s all going to her mom and dad who are struggling to pay bills ever since her younger brother Zephyr was born.

“He has 11 diagnosis right now,” Gilmore said. “It was a little nerve racking, like I’ve never been through anything like this.”

Three-month-old Zephyr was diagnosed with multiple medical problems, including a heart defect.

“It's just a little hard, but I'm ok. I can deal with it,” Gilmore said.

Her father Montaque Atchison said the ordeal has added so much stress to his family.

“Right now I want to cry because it makes me feel great to know that my daughter would get out of her way to raise money for our sick son and for her sick brother,” Atchison said.

Zephyr is currently getting treatment at a Twin Cities hospital. Yet, his family said they’re praying he gets chosen for a thymus transplant.

Duke Children’s Hospital in North Carolina is the only place in the United States where this surgery is done on infants, according to his parents.

The cost of staying at hotels and traveling to the Twin Cities is burdensome enough, that if Zephyr is selected for the transplant, they’re expecting to shell out more money.

Some people on Saturday showed up to solely donate money.

“Well, I heard the story and I thought why not stop by and try to help,” Steve Franek said. “I mean I have four children and two grandchildren, that's why I stopped by.”

Although this experience has been tough, the family said they’re looking at the glass as half full as opposed to half empty and on Saturday their hearts were filled with appreciation.

If you’re interested in helping the family, here’s a link to their GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/team-zephyr