Minnesota 5-month-old boy preparing for thymus transplant

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MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live) A Minnesota family says they’re relying on faith to guide them through a tough time as their 5-month-old baby prepares to go under the knife for a thymus transplant.

Medical experts never thought Zephyr Atchinson would reach 5-months-old, according to his parents.

“He had five…mini surgeries yesterday, which they didn't think was possible,” Christine Atchinson, his mother, said. “They didn't think he would handle any of those because of all of his complex diagnosis in the inside of him.”

Zephyr was born with health complications that have kept him inside a Twin Cities hospital since his birth.

His parents have been traveling back and forth from Moorhead and Atchinson said they won’t give up on him.

“You know, having funeral arrangements...is that they thought this day would never come that he would make it to be five months,” Atchinson said.

Atchinson’s family received good news when Zephyr was picked two weeks ago for a thymus transplant.

Duke Children’s Hospital in North Carolina is the only hospital in the United States where this surgery is done on infants, according to his parents.

“We'll be going to Duke University after he does get his open heart surgery, which'll be done right here in Minneapolis, which they didn't think was possible,” Atchinson said.

In June, Christine Atchinson’s 10-year-old daughter set up a lemonade stand to raise money to help cover some of the medical costs associated with traveling.

Atchinson said her faith in God is what has been helping her move forward.

“There comes a point when there's nothing more you can do as a parent, so putting everything into God. God has a lot to do with everything in our case,” Atchinson said.

She’s hopeful that his surgery will be a success and she’s also encouraging others struggling in life to have faith.

Here's a link to a Facebook page where you can follow Zephyr's health journey: https://www.facebook.com/ZephyrOurLittleWarrior/