Midwest Nice on full display in F-M area amid the blizzard

Published: Dec. 28, 2018 at 10:42 PM CST
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Tough weather conditions usually unleash in North Dakotans and Minnesotans examples of Midwest Nice.

In photos sent to Valley News Live’s Facebook page, we saw examples of neighbors helping neighbors and Good Samaritans teaming up to free vehicles stuck in the snow.

Arelle Kaufman was one of those who received help. She was driving in West Fargo Friday when her SUV got stuck in a mound of snow.

“A truck pulled up with two…guys in it and they didn't even ask. They just shoveled me out, offered to tow, pushed the vehicle, and I got out” Kaufman said.

She was taking her children to daycare at the time.

Originally from Duluth, Kaufman said people in this area stand out for how helpful they are.

“I do think North Dakota has a different kind of nice,” Kaufman said.

Jake Dissmore works for Epic Management, which owns several apartment complexes. He spent his Friday freeing stuck vehicles at a West Fargo apartment building.

“It was fun but it was work. Better than sitting at the office,” Dissmore said.

Dissmore said he and his co-workers helped at least 15 cars.

“The company we go through…they're pretty backed up,” Dissmore said. “People have been calling all day.”

The Fargo Police Department posted on its Facebook that officers responded to at least 40 stuck vehicles during a five-hour period that needed assistance.

For Victori Majak, she thought she’d have to spend all day at her home. The snow had trapped her car in her garage.

But, then an elderly man came along and shoveled her snow.

“He shoveled all the snow and there's a lot of snow,” Majak said. “And I'm like can I help you, can I help you? And he's like no, you don't have to worry about it. This is a man's job.”

Majak described what happened to her Friday as the norm in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

“There are so many good people and this is not just a onetime thing,” Majak said. “It's like every winter I have someone just stop and randomly just help me.”

As for Kaufman, she’s hoping to avoid getting stuck again.

“I'm going to floor it. Maybe dig myself out if I get stuck,” Kaufman said.

She’s counting on her vehicle’s four-wheel drive to power her through the snow.