Message for community after woman says man told her to take off hijab

Published: Mar. 20, 2017 at 10:16 PM CDT
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A video shot at a Moorhead grocery store and posted to Facebook is getting a lot of attention online. The video shows a woman and her family explaining to police what happened while they were out shopping at Hornbacher’s.

The woman told police a man at the store told her to take off her hijab, then followed her around the grocery store and harassed her.

Hornbacher’s President, Matt Leiseth says an employee saw it happen, and told the man what he did was wrong. The man then left the store.

Moorhead Police say the man was gone before they got there, and are looking to identify the man to determine if he did anything criminal. Both Fargo and Moorhead Police say if you ever feel threatened, you should call.

Leiseth says the man will not be welcome back, adding that anyone who acts the way he did will not be welcome. “It’s a shame that it happened.”

The video was shot by Hamida Dakane, a family member of the victim. Dakane runs a non-profit called Afro American Development Association. She says, "If only people will see things like that and say this is wrong, we don't accept things like that in our community."

Dakane wants to find solutions to make the Fargo-Moorhead community better. "As sad as it is, it's happening, so what can we do? The point is not about, oh this happened, now that we know it happens, what can we do?

She shared the video in hopes people would start standing up for one another. "Not only to Muslim people, but any human being that is in need. You see some injustice you need to speak up, you see something, say something." She says, "This is just the act of one human being, the bigger community is better than that. You know there is a lot of, I received a lot of love than the hate of that one individual, people have been concerned, and caring, and asking are you okay, is the family member okay?"

Moorhead mayor, Del Ray Williams commented on the video, saying it hurts to see this happen in our community.