Medical professionals warning against taking part in latest 'lip-plumping' trend

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- A new trend has some medical experts sounding the alarm. It has to do with the latest fascination of having plump lips.

Another day, another new trend.

"I feel like I would rip my skin off or something," says MSUM Student, Kenndra Rickard.

"Yeah, that would hurt," says MSUM Student, Emily Davis.

This one started on the app TikTok and from there, has spread like wildfire. It involves putting either super glue or eyelash glue on your upper lip and pushing your lips up to make them look fuller.

"It’s a terrible idea," says Catalyst Clinical Spa Marketing Director, Karisa Shuck.

But people like Karisa Shuck with the Catalyst Clinical Spa are urging you to not do it. She tells us the stuff used in this new trend and where it's being put, could be dangerous.

"It's never good to put harsh chemicals near your mouth and some people are using just a lash glue which isn't typically harmful to the skin but super glue can definitely do some harm." says Shuck.

That harm could include burns, scarring and could even rip some of your skin apart. Shuck tells us big lips have been all the rage for a while now and there are other ways to get them.

"Lip filler is definitely another option, we also have lip plumpers that are safe for the skin as well," says Shuck.

On top of that, some places even sell lips glosses promising to plump you up.

"I feel like big lips are in right now so people are always trying to get them," says Rickard.

And for people like Kenndra Rickard and Emily Davis, this is the first they're hearing about this new trend but they have heard about this fascination with big lips. However, you won't find them taking part in this latest viral trend anytime soon.

This latest trend isn't the first one that has to do with plumping up your lips in a not-so safe way. Remember the Kylie Jenner Challenge? That involved sucking on a shot glass until your lips were plump and swollen.