Measure 3 tension before the election causes threats to be made

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- With the November election just two weeks away, a few people in the valley say they're receiving threatening phone calls and emails because they're not in support of Measure 3.

We're told one women is too scared to answer her phone anymore.

Over the weekend, an anti-Measure 3 voter from the valley was left threatening phone calls because of her stance against recreational marijuana.

"As she said to me they used every swear word I've ever heard and some I haven't heard," says Norm Robinson, Campaign Manager for North Dakotans Against the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana.

And those calls have scared her from showing her face.

"They threatened that if I didn't stop passing out brochures around my small town, something was going to happen to me," says Robinson.

Police say the woman reported that one caller left a message saying 'that once this measure passes, he'll have a smoke with her daughter.'

Robinson says these aren't the first threatening messages that the opposition has received.

"It's absolutely intimidating, scare tactics, off the charts harassment. As our chairman says, it simply got to stop," says Robinson.

David Owen, the chairman of Legalize ND agrees with Robinson that it needs to stop on both sides.

Some people are even concerned that they'll be in danger if they show their support to vote no against recreational marijuana.

Robinson says the threats are outrageous and need to stop.

"And I think that is a terrible, terrible thing to think about or to have to experience," says Robinson.

He adds that in all his years being a campaign manager, no measure has been quite like this one.

Police have suggested to this women that if she has an immediate concern, she should call 911.