Meal Prepping for the Family

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It's all the rage, people meal prepping for the week, but how can it actually be done? We talked with Health and Lifestyle Coach Kylee Seifert about how to get it done.

The first step is knowing which meal you have the most trouble with. If it's lunch, start by just meal prepping for that instead of every meal for the whole week.

If you don't have time for the grocery store then order it online or have it delivered to your home. Getting the groceries shouldn't be a challenge it should be a way to get everything you'll need for that week.

Once you have the groceries Kylee says to get the cleaning and cutting done. Buying vegetables is great, but getting them cleaned and cut will be a way for you to use them in your cooking instead of going to waste in the fridge.

Kylee shared some great recipes the whole family will love. To get more coaching help from her there is a link to the right of this story. There area also links to the recipes to the right of this story.