Mayo Clinic says sleeping with pets helps you sleep better

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) A new study is working to determine whether or not we get quality sleep sleep if we're joined by our furry friends?

The Mayo Clinic says sleeping with your pets actually helps you sleep better because you have a sense of security.

Robert Geigle is a veteran who served his time in the Marines.

When he left, he found himself with a new obstacle, PTSD, and his now leading lady, three-year-old, Maura is his ultimate protector.

"If I have a panic attack or you have a flash back of things, she'll jump up on you and get you out of it," he says.

According to a new Mayo Clinic study, half of American households own pets and half of those pets either sleep with us in our beds or somewhere in the bedroom giving many an added sense of security.

For Geigle, he wouldn't have it any other way and neither would his service dog.

"And then she'll put her head right there and then she won't leave all night long. She just lays right there."

20% of those involved with the study reported sleep disturbances when with their pets and 41% say they sleep better with a pet in the bedroom.

Some may believe it can be a dirty thing to do but not everyone has concerns.

"She sheds," Geigle adds, "You vacuum your bed. How hard is that? It's not very hard. Use a little dust buster and suck it up."

He also says he changes his sheets every two days and that chore is priceless when it comes to all that Maura does for him.