May brings average temps, well below average precip

May began slightly warm, followed by a significant warm spell on the 12th through 15th. Then we had a significant cooldown on the 18th through 24th, and we ended the month slightly cool. When all of the high and low temperatures are averaged out, the average temperature in May was 57.0 degrees, which is only 0.1 degrees below our normal of 57.1 degrees.

May was also a very dry month, as we only saw one rain event where we picked up more than a half inch of rain. That came on the 20th/21st, when 0.52” fell. For the month, we got only 1.14” of rain total. That’s only 41% of our normal amount for May, which is 2.81”.

Looking ahead to June, it is typically our wettest month by far, averaging 3.90” of moisture. That is more than an inch higher than the next wettest months, which are May and July. So we are in the part of the year where we pick up a vast majority of our moisture. Typically we see precipitation on 12 of the 30 days of the month.

Overall, we see 64% of possible sunshine for the month of June, which is the third sunniest month, behind July and August. So we also see most of our sunshine for the year in the summer months.

Average temperatures continue to rise through the month of June. The normal high on June 1 is 74 degrees, and the normal high on June 30 is 81 degrees. This is approaching our highest average temperature of the year, which is 83, which we stay at from July 12 to August 10.