Massive data breach exposes 770M emails, Check if you're safe

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) Security researchers recently discovered that over 770 million email addresses and passwords had been compromised—Making it the largest collection of breached data ever.

The information breach is made up of several individual data breaches from thousands of websites, rather than just one hack of a large service or internet site.

And with that many accounts hit, it's more than likely one of your profiles is part of the mix.

"It seems like it's a reality of today's world that you're going to have your information out there all over the place," breach victim James Nichol said.

But one security researcher has made it easier than ever to know for sure if you've been effected or not.

You just type in your email address to, and there it will tell you how many breaches your account has been linked with and just what information was taken. Email addresses, IP addresses, names, and your physical addresses are common things that are compromised in the breaches.

"I don't know really what to think, it's not something you come across everyday knowing that your passwords have been hacked," Jonathan Fernandez said.

Tech experts suggest if your email has fallen victim to a breach, it's best to change all your passwords. However, they say you should use password generators to create unique and difficult word combinations so it's harder to hack.

"There's so many passwords that I already have and it's hard to put them in a secure spot so that you can remember them. So I don't know, I think it's a common problem," Deborah Haugen said.

But for most people we talked with today, they think it's a better idea to just start fresh.

"I should delete that email address, because I have all my info and everything on there," Danielle Helm said.