Many call new UND logo bland, Interim President responds

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) Moving forward, that's what the new logo represents to the University of North Dakota according to the Interim President.

"Its a long term change, it will be a generational change," said Interim University of North Dakota President, Ed Schafer.

The University of North Dakota has unveiled a logo to go with the new "Fighting Hawks" nickname. It features a hawk embedded in the kelly green "ND." Nearly 200 people gathered to see the unveiling of the new logo, including students and graduates.

"It could have been better, its not terrible but we really like the minimalistic part of it but we think there could have been more to it," said UND senior Gus Sobczk.

"I guess I thought it's sort of sporty and I like the stuff they said it represented," said UND graduate Mary Lockett.

"I was looking for something that was more of a rallying type deal, with more color to it," said UND graduate Justin Smith.

Jodi Trottier is a Native American student and says he doesn't know a lot of people upset over the old Fighting Sioux logo.

"I wasn't offended at all actually, nobody from the reservation that I knew were offended, they are kind of proud to have it as a name because they represent North Dakota," said UND senior Jodi Trottier.

Interim President Ed Schafer had the final decision on the logo. He says the old logo will be a part of the schools history, but the new generation will identify with this new Fighting Hawk.

"There will be people that go to this campus that will use this new logo," explained Schafer. "That will be home to them and that is going to be 10 years from now when they look back and say I was at the university their heart goes to this logo not the one they don't even know anything about."

We asked Schafer about what he says to those that think it is bland and not like the old logo.

"What we had in the "Fighting Sioux" Logo was originally a piece of art work, it wasn't a logo it was art work that we translated into a logo and that meant there was some difficulties with all those colors as you shrunk it in size and put it on different mediums, you know wasn't the easiest thing to deal with," said Schafer. "What I was looking for with this logo was something clean, that was futuristic and something that would last another 50 years."

Many students who lived through this transition period say they will still remember the old logo.

"It was one of those things that going through it, even though we still have a logo, it feels kinda empty," said Sobczak.

The UND flame logo will stay as it is the schools academic logo and the current interlocking "ND" which is on gear already will stay for another academic year. As for the new logo and Fighting Hawks will be released on merchandise starting in August.

A news release states that "Fighting Sioux" merchandise will continue will be sold periodically as a way to show the University is using its "Fighting Sioux" trademark thereby protecting that trademark.

At this time, UND has no plans for a mascot.