After we made phone calls, management delays implementing new fees at Metro mobile home parks

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Scott Lanning says he moved to Countryside Estates, a mobile home park in Fargo, because that's all he could afford with his disability check.

“I've already canceled two hip surgeries...and they put me in the hospital with a nervous breakdown, I mean, what are these guys trying to do?” Lanning said.

Countryside residents received a notice Tuesday night that the property manager was adding a $45 utility fee and a $9 trash fee, which had previously been included in the rent.

“I got [this] on my screen door yesterday, a bill,” Lanning said.

Lanning said it was punch in the gut.

“They're really hurting me, it's more of a push out that they're doing. They're trying to push us all out,” Lanning said.

Havenpark Capital, a company based in Utah, manages Countryside and two others in the metro - Brookwood mobile home park and Riveria Heights.

Since taking over, Havenpark has raised the rent increasing it by $45 this past October.

“I can't afford to live in any apartment anymore. They're pretty much putting me out into the street,” Lanning said.

With these two new fees, Lanning has now seen an increase of nearly $100 in less than six months.

Most of the residents we spoke to say the extra $54 added to their rent was a surprise, and some are already living on a fixed income as it is and this will stretch them even further.

“The elderly folks that are here can't afford to pay that much money,” Hernandez said.

Juan Hernandez said he can handle the increase yet worries about those who barely make ends meet.

“They just need to be given a fair chance and $45 is way too much for an individual household,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said he fears backlash from management for speaking up, nonetheless, he believes it's the right thing to do.

Havenpark had planned to impose those new fees on March 1st, but after our phone call, the company pushed it back to April 1st.