Man rescued after being trapped in a grain bin

PELICAN RAPIDS, Minn. (Valley News Live)-- A terrifying situation farmers hope and pray they never find themselves in.

On Tuesday, a 70-year-old man got trapped at the bottom of a grain bin in Pelican Rapids.

But, after two hours, he remarkably survived. This was largely due to the efforts of the Pelican Rapids Fire Department and a local business.

Pelican Rapids Fire Chief Trevor Steeves said this man is lucky to be alive.

"It is very uncommon to have a rescue," Steeves said. "Most of the time it's a recovery, for a body."

Steeves and his crew showed up to a rural farm to find the 70-year-old buried up to his neck in corn.

It took nearly two hours to get him out and Steeves said, if it wasn't for a local business' help, he wouldn't have made it.

"I never expected something like this," Ripley's employee Jeremy Ness said. "It was something out of the blue. We just went and helped."

Ness said they typically use their machines for underground cable installation. But on Tuesday, it was used to save a farmer's life.

"It worked really good," Ness said. "All of the fire department, both Pelican and Rothsay, say they were really impressed with it. It saved them a lot of work."

The machine used to help pull the man from the bin is called a Ring-O-Matic. It works like a giant vacuum and was used to suck up the grain surrounding the trapped man.

While this farmer was lucky to walk from this life-changing incident, Steeves said that's usually not the case.

"With harvest season coming up, it is just so critical that these farmers and farm hands stay out of these bins," Steeves said. "They want to be in a hurry and get things going. This hurry ended up costing him two hours and potentially his life."

The identity of the man involved is not being released at this time.