Man caught on surveillance video stealing from Fargo adult store

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A man was caught on surveillance camera stealing Valentine's Day gifts from an adult boutique in Fargo.

The brazen thief did it at Enchantasys in broad daylight and the business owner is calling him a coward for committing the crime.

“The clerk greeted him and asked if he was already to go and he said yes, and tucked everything down and then bolted out the door,” Kim Patterson said.

The store is located right off of 25th St S.

The man was seen in the shop looking at stuff when he began making his way to the front door.

When the clerk acknowledged him, he ran out the door. Another employee ran after him to snap a picture of his license plate, which was covered.

Patterson said the man took two pieces of lingerie and a sex toy.

Patterson doesn't plan to alert police due to their change in policy last year to not respond to some shoplifting cases, but she said by putting this video out there she hopes it'll get some attention.

“I would feel horrible if I got a Valentine's Day gift from some guy and then found out that he stole it,” Patterson said. “The guy ran like my tiny little clerk behind the counter was a threat to him or something. He just handled it, he was a coward about the whole thing.”

The man only stole a $140 worth of stuff from the adult shop.

Patterson said if they end up getting a name for the thief, they plan on pursuing charges with police.