MSUM no longer requiring ACT or SAT scores for admission

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 9:51 PM CDT
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High school students looking to attend Minnesota State University Moorhead will see some changes when applying for the fall semester.

They will no longer need to submit ACT or SAT scores.

“To be admitted into MSUM, there are three lanes in for that first-time student, directly out of high school,” said Tom Reburn, MSUM Director of Undergraduate Admissions. “Lane one is an ACT score, lane two would be a combination of the GPA from high school plus an ACT, and now lane three is just the GPA.”

For the first time, students can be accepted into MSUM with a new option based on their GPA alone.

“We found that the high school GPA was actually one of the strongest indicators of a student’s ability to achieve once they reached our classroom here at Minnesota State University Moorhead,” Reburn said.

Reburn says university leaders decided to make this decision after the pandemic forced the ACT test company to shut down testing and students were looking for another option.

As MSUM has seen a decrease in their student enrollment over the last few years, this could help boost their admission numbers for students who may not have met requirements on ACT or SAT scores alone.

“It’s going to remove a lot of anxiety,” Reburn said. “A lot of students have unnecessary test anxiety going into this what’s seemingly a stressful four-hour exam for some students. They know that they have other alternative routes. They don’t lay all of their life ambitions, dreams, and goals on this one area.”

This could do more than boost student admission numbers, it could also help the university financially.

“With regard to new students, there is new potential with more students being admitted that more might ultimately enroll,” Reburn said. “New students brings more tuition dollars. Tuition dollars are the number one funding source for the university to be able to offer up the student experiences both inside and outside the classrooms.”

MSUM is not alone in changing its admissions process. More than 1,000 colleges and universities have made the switch.

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