MPCA fines Detroit Lakes $7,000

Published: Jan. 25, 2018 at 9:19 PM CST
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"Because we weren't able to receive any of those inspection reports or any documentation, we can't say for sure if any environmental harm, but there's always the potential there," says Cole Landgraf, wih the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Taxpayers in Detroit Lakes are on the hook for $7,000 and possible environmental hazards - after the city was fined for having inadequate codes and no documentation for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

The MPCA says an audit found the city's stormwater ordinances lagged behind state standards. Detroit Lakes also failed to provide any proof that it was inspecting construction sites for compliance.

"We did ask for different information - like do you have any logs, do you have email exchanges, do you have anything you can provide to us that shows that you've been doing these, so we weren't given any information relating to documenting those site inspections," says Landgraf. "If the city is not providing the adequate protection from construction activity, it could lead to residents that want to use the lakes or use water bodies - could impact fishing, could impact recreational activities, swimming - so it's really critical that there's controls in place."

Without proper stormwater management on construction sites, the MPCA says runoff could lead to toxic algae growth.

Valley News Live reached out to the City of Detroit Lakes for a comment, but did not hear back.