MN school district installs shatterproof, frosted glass windows due to recent mass shootings

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PELICAN RAPIDS, Minn. (Valley News Live) -- Summer is coming to an end for Minnesota kids; they'll be heading back to school next week. One thing schools are thinking about is keeping kids safe in the wake of recent mass shootings.

It's only a matter of days before Viking Elementary School kids head back to school, meet their teachers and get their brains back into motion.

But this time around, they're shielding out the bad guys.

"This is one more step and the more steps we have between them and any danger, the better," said Amy Schleske, a Pelican Rapids mother.

Amy Schleske is talking about the new shatterproof film they put on the teacher's windows.

"Definitely part of the society we live in nowadays," said Trevor Steeves with the Pelican Rapids School District. "We have to be proactive instead of reactive all the time."

Each of them has a layer of frost.

"You don't want to be visible when you're in your classroom if you are in some of those situations," said Karli Kirkwood, a teacher and mother.

They are keeping the classroom a safe haven, as it should be. The school thought outside the box. The windows on the exterior part of the building are shatterproof too.

Trevor Sheeves with the Pelican Rapids School District said teachers there also went through active shooter preparation training, a way for staff to learn how to be offensive, not defensive.

"If you can get out, get out, and if somebody comes in your room, you fight back," said Sheeves. "You get what you can and throw it at them."

The district said they've never had to worry, but they're keeping their fingers crossed and pray that it never happens here.

Sun Control Window Film did the window filming. It cost the Pelican Rapids School District $7,000 to install.