MN man pleads guilty and recalls gruesome details in Hitterdal murder

MOORHEAD, M.N. (KVLY) A Minnesota man plead guilty to felony 2nd degree aiding and abetting murder in the killing of Troy Yarbrough at a rural Hitterdal, Minn. farmstead last May.

40-year-old Jason Jensen got up on the stand this afternoon, publicly detailing Yarbrough's disturbing murder for the first time.

Jensen says he and his girlfriend, Kayla Westcott, as well as Yarbrough, were at Jensen's farmstead in rural Hitterdal on the weekend of May 19.

Jensen says 'Kayla and Troy didn't get along from the get-go.' He added that Westcott became especially angry with Yarbrough because Yarbrough allegedly burnt a hole in her car seat with a cigarette.

"She couldn't get over it," Jensen said.

Jensen says on May 20, he watched as Westcott picked up a cinder block and hit Yarbrough on the head with it, making him fall to the ground. Jensen says immediately after, Westcott then picked up a nearby rake or broom stick and started repeatedly hitting Yarbrough with it.

When Westcott was done, Jensen says 'she laughed about it and then ran into the house.'

Jensen admits he never intervened to help Yarbrough, but he added that he thought Yarbrough was still alive.

Jensen says he put Yarbrough in the shed on the farmstead property and went inside the home. Jensen says he and Westcott later came back out to the shed to find that Yarbrough was in fact still alive.

Jensen says Westcott 'got belligerent' and stormed back inside the house, only to come back to the shed moments later with an ax. Jensen says she handed him the ax and told him 'to finish it.'

Jensen told the court that he flipped the ax around 'to the butt-end' and reluctantly swung it at Yarbrough's body. Jensen says he hardly even tapped Yarbrough, though. He says he then gave the ax back to Westcott knowing exactly what she was going to do.

Jensen says Westcott then struck the ax into Yarbrough's chest, and made a remark "something like, 'Well that was easy.'" He says Westcott then 'laughed hysterically, then ran into the house to get another beer.'

Jensen says he and Westcott then put Yarbrough's body in the yard, and covered it with wood before they poured gas and lit a fire.

Jensen told the courtroom that he and Westcott then got in the car and 'just watched basically.'

He says after the fire was out, he dug a hole in a tree grove on the property. Jensen says he and Westcott then put Yarbrough's body in a plastic trash bag and buried it.

Jensen says he also put the remains from the fire pit into a plastic bag and buried that as well.

Jensen faces 463 months in prison, equaling out to about 38 years in prison. He is set to be sentenced on June 11th.

Kayla Westcott is also charged with one count of 2nd degree aiding and abetting murder, however she has plead not guilty.