Lost cat reunited with owner after 10 years

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CHICAGO (CBS) -- A cat was reunited with his family 10 years after he vanished. It's all because of dedicated cat-loving volunteers and modern technology.

Oliver was 2 years old when he got out of his family's home in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Family members thought poor Oliver had been hit by a car. But stories about his demise were premature.

On Saturday night, Kim Vonesh and other volunteers who trap cats so they can be neutered and released saw a security guard feeding Oliver.

"Six years she's been feeding him," Vonesh said. "How does that happen?"

The area Oliver was spotted in was 37 miles away from his home.

The volunteers transported several cats, including Oliver, to the PAWS Chicago animal shelter. Employees later learned Oliver had a microchip, which led them to his family.

On Monday night, Laura Kleban, who was 17 years old when Oliver vanished, saw her cat for the first time in a decade.

"You're just as big as I remember," Kleban told the cat.

Vonesh said pet owners should make sure their dogs and cats have microchips, even if they're indoor animals.