Lone Bear family offers support to family of Kara Lynn Mauai

FORT YATES, N.D. (KFYR) The family of Olivia Lone Bear has offered their support to the family of Kara Lynn Mauai, the 30-year-old woman missing from the Standing Rock Reservation since November.

Olivia's brother Matthew, along with other members of the Lone Bear Family, traveled to Fort Yates Tuesday to meet with the family and give them supplies to keep search crews fed and warm.

Olivia’s disappearance from the Fort Berthold Reservation in October of 2017 sparked a widespread search effort, and the cause of her disappearance and death remain under investigation.

Matthew tells Your News Leader he spent hours with the family, offering advice for the search from his own experience.

“We were in that same position, what, to me, feels like just yesterday, but it's been a while now. You know it's kinda refreshing my head, while still in my head, wanted to pass along whatever knowledge I can, help in any way that I can,” said Matthew.

Matthew said he and other members of the Lone Bear family plan to join the search this coming Saturday, weather permitting.

For more information on the search for Kara, follow “Bring Kara Home” on Facebook.

Photo courtesy: Bring Kara Home Facebook