Local small businesses looking forward to Small Business Saturday

Published: Nov. 24, 2017 at 11:07 PM CST
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The big box stores had the spotlight on Friday, but tomorrow another group of retailers hope they'll shine. Small Business Saturday is a day to not only shop small, but recognize the impact these businesses have on the surrounding communities.

"I would say Small Business Saturday is very similar to Black Friday for big box stores where it's when you finally get out of the red for the year," Ashley Morken, owner of Unglued in Fargo, said.

As customers flooded Unglued Friday afternoon, Morken began blowing up balloons to spell out "SHOP SMALL" for her store Saturday morning. "We see our sales go way up. It's our busiest day of the year and it really helps us survive and be sustainable the rest of the year," Morken said.

That's right, one Small Business Saturday can bring in enough income for a small business to stay afloat for the next year. But Morken isn't just supporting her own store, within Unglued over 300 local artists and small businesses have their products for sale.

Those small businesses and others, like Lot 2029, all look forward to Small Business Saturday. "It's going to be one of our most important days. especially the whole year," Daenon Bronken, assistant manager of Lot 2029 Fargo, told VNL.

Bronken said while Lot 2029 is her focus, the success of other local stores and restaurants is important to the local economy over all. "We're trying to help each other out and we all shop at each other's boutiques too," she said.

Pointing down the street, Bronken said many new restaurants, boutiques, and pubs had recently opened, bringing life and new energy to the area. It's a trend she hopes to see continue.

Both Bronken and Morken said their shops will see anywhere between five and ten times the sales revenues on Saturday, but the profits don't just benefit the shops, they benefit the community, too.

"We are putting more of our money back in the community. We're putting our sales tax back in the community," Morken explained. She said besides employing locals in full and part time positions, small businesses often look for ways to give back to their community. Unglued regularly holds events for the 4 Love of Dog Rescue and other non-profits, and many other small businesses hold events similar as well.

Morken also said "by shopping small you're creating the community you want because you're supporting the businesses that make it unique and make it what it is."

Wherever you shop on Small Business Saturday, know you're supporting your community. And you may find some great deals on unique items and gifts as well.