Local resident says Bright Sky Apartments are promising a bright future

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MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live) Churches United for the Homeless are trying to help residents see a brighter future. The Bright Sky Apartments have been housing residents for a few weeks now, after opening their doors in March.

"It's been a long time since I heard them say, 'I love you daddy,’” says James Tomahawk, Moorhead resident.

Tomahawk is a Moorhead father who hasn’t been dealt the easiest hand. However, despite his struggles, he’s still trying to do his part.

"I try to walk around helping anybody out with the spare change in my pocket, doing what I can to help my people back," Tomahawk adds.

James says his three children are the reason, "Here I am, raising three kids, doing the best I can. Work through the everyday struggle just to keep that smile on their face every morning, from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed."

Tomahawk lost his son a few years back, and as any parent can imagine, the death of his son took a toll on him and his family.

He says Churches United and the Bright Sky Apartments have helped him see the light.

"No matter what the problem is, you've got to keep pushing because it's brighter on one side, one way or another. I finally see that now," Tomahawk explains.

He tells us he couldn’t be more grateful for all of the help he has received. Because of this, he’s not sure what the future will hold.

Tomahawk believes his future is bright, "This might be even just a stepping stone for something bigger. I'm living my dream right now, being the best father I can be right now. I'm not the dad of the year, but I do my best."

Churches United says the apartment complex can hold up to 140 beds, and so far not all of them are filled. They say they are slowly moving residents in, as there is no rush.