Local elementary students end the year by getting active indoors

FARGO, N.D. ( Valley News Live ) - Some local elementary students beat the gloomy weather Friday to stay inside and get active at Longfellow Elementary's annual Field Day.

The event is held on the last Friday of the school year to celebrate the end of the year.

Around the school different stations were set up with activities ranging from tug of war and jump rope to tag and red light green light.

Organizers say the tradition is a great way to keep the students active and celebrate the end of the year.

Longfellow Elementary’s Principal, Eric Henrickson, says he can tell how engaged the kids are to stay active and play.

"They are bubbling right now to say the least...they are absolutely. The afternoon was pretty smooth but you can tell as the day is going on that the energy level is definitely increasing as time goes on,” said Henrickson.

As part of the day, each student was walked away with a shirt that was signed by many of their fellow classmates.