Local elementary students draw chalk creations in the name of kindness

FARGO, N.D. ( Valley News Live ) - Students at Ed Clapp Elementary School in Fargo took a break from their school day Friday to create sidewalk masterpieces.

Students drawing images on the sidewalk outside of their elementary school

The students got to create chalk art displays outside of school for “Chalkapalooza 2019 – Kindness Through Our Eyes”.

Each classroom had a designated area of sidewalk surrounding the school to show off their talent.

First Grade Teacher Nicole Knott helped to organize this years event and says its important to show inclusivity and diversity through our culture and classrooms.

“As a classroom teacher, I really try to instill with the students that they can make an impact on our world even though they are so small. They are excited! I think you can see..they're excited and having fun this afternoon."

Prior to the event, teachers showed their students a video to start a conversation about kindness -- and how they can use kindness to inspire them in their art.