Toronto police now say hijab attack never happened

Toronto police announced Monday morning that the attack described by the girl did not occur with a single sentence added to their original press release:

"On Monday, January 15, 2018, the Toronto Police Service announced that investigators have determined the events described in this news release did not happen."

A Canadian elementary school student had claimed that she was attacked on Friday by a man who tried cutting off her hijab using scissors. Investigators say they examined her hijab and it did in fact have cuts in it. Investigators did not say today whether or not the girl added the cuts herself or if she could be charged with filing a false report.


A Canadian girl in elementary school was allegedly attacked Friday by a man who tried to cut off her hijab using scissors.

Authorities said the girl was on her way to school when she felt something and turned around to see a man trying to cut off her head scarf.

Police said the girl was not injured but her hijab had multiple cuts in it.

The eleven-year-old girl said she is afraid to walk to class again after the incident and police were still searching for the man.

The suspect was described as an Asian man in his 20s with black hair, a mustache wearing glasses.

Toronto's mayor described the incident as an "act of hatred."