Linton School apologizes for Homecoming event where dummy dressed as Oakes football player is hung & burned

OAKES, N.D. ( School officials in Oakes say they have received a formal letter of apology from the Linton School District after Snapchat video surfaced online Wednesday of a Linton homecoming event that many have deemed offensive and inappropriate.

The video depicts a mannequin made of straw, made to represent an Oakes football player with a jersey and helmet, being hung with rope around the neck from a basketball rim and set on fire by an adult. The effigy also bears the number of a player on the Oakes roster who is not caucasian.

Oakes Superintendent Kraig Steinholf says the district has accepted Linton’s apology, and plans to play the regularly scheduled football game Friday, with the teams on opposite sidelines. Both teams are typically on the same side of the field during Linton home games.