Last Effort Campaigns: Volunteers knock on doors on election's eve

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - "I'm here for Fargo's future," says Gisselle Montes.

Even though it's getting darker and colder, Gisselle is out knocking on doors. The 8-year-old is volunteering her time on the eve of the midterm elections to encourage and educate voters on Fargo's Measure 1. "Voters should know – if this gets on the ballot, you don't have to be forced to choose one candidate," she says.

"Currently, we have no seated commissioners who had any more than 3 out of 10 Fargo voters who voted them into office. And Fargo Measure will help us to make sure that to get in office you have to have broad support," says Jed Limke, the Chair of Reform Fargo. "Our current system is old, it's archaic, it doesn't serve the needs that we have in modern America. We need to have a system that allows you to say yes or no to every candidate – not just one or two. And that will lead us to a more perfect democracy."

Volunteers say Fargo's Measure 1 would reform the city's voting system and knocking on doors is the perfect way to reach residents.

"It's important to have real conversations with real voters – we can't just rely on throwing ads at people instead. It takes a lot to explain some things and I think this is important to build real connections with people – let them know that there are faces behind these measures and we really care about them," Limke says. "We aren't out here knocking on doors every night for weeks on end because we don't care about it. We're out here because we're passionate and we really believe in this change. We're part of this community and we want them to know that we're with them in this and trying to making our city better."

And it isn't just local issues. Heidi Heitkamp's campaign says they've shattered records with the number of volunteers who've joined them to knock on doors.

"You knock on so many doors but you get that one – every now and then – that you make a difference. And every vote counts. Every vote counts," says Susan Vitalis, a volunteer with Sen. Heidi Heitkamp's campaign.

So whether you're knocking on doors or answering them - the message is the same.

"You can do this!" Gisselle says.

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