Landon Solberg enjoys night out with family and friends at the movies

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) Valley News Live first brought you 10 year-old Landon Solberg story last week ahead of the Bison’s National Championship win in Frisco on Jan. 5.

Doctors found swelling and fluid around Landon’s brain after he complained of severe headaches. A shunt was put in to relieve pressure.

Doctors in Fargo believe Landon has an aggressive brain tumor and doctors at the Mayo Clinic agree. Both say there is a small chance it is something else--a small chance.

But on Friday night it was all about “The Force” for Landon and his family as they kicked back to enjoy the newest addition of the Star Wars Franchise.

"So we started with the originals from 1977 and have been watching them all the way its funny last night he was like dad you've got, you've got one left to’ve got to finish it before tomorrow so he was so excited that I got to get it done,” said Travis and Andrea Landon his parents.

A GoFundMe account is set up for Landon if you would like to help. Click on the link related to this story to make a donation.