Kittens are being tossed from vehicles onto bridges in North Carolina, sheriff says

Image Source: Christian Holmér / CC BY 2.0 / MGN

CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (GRAY)- People are throwing kittens onto a bridge in two coastal North Carolina communities, WITN reported.

In a Facebook post, the Craven County Sheriff’s Office said it’s received multiple reports of kittens being found on the Neuse River Bridge in New Bern and on the Highway 70 bridge in James City over the past month.

“There will be zero tolerance for animal cruelty in Craven County,” Sheriff Chip Hughes said. “We are aggressively going after folks like this that think it’s OK to mistreat, abuse, and not care for their animals.”

An injured gray kitten with blue eyes was found on one of the bridges this week.

Residents are being asked to get the license plate number of anyone seen throwing an animal from a vehicle and report it to authorities.

Animal cruelty is a crime under North Carolina law.