TV Rescan Required: KVLY - KXJB - MeTV Viewer Notification

As a result of the FCC reorganizing TV channels, KVLY is moving from its’ current channel 44 to channel 36. This change will happen on Tuesday May 28 at 10am CDT. This change will only affect viewers who receive KVLY NBC 11.1, KX4 CBS 11.2 and MeTV 11.3 using an over-the-air antenna. If you are connected to cable TV or satellite, you should not have to do anything.

To receive KVLY after 10am May 28, you will need to rescan for TV channels. The process of rescanning involves going into the settings menu on your TV and selecting auto scan for channels. Please consult the manual that came with your TV for specific instructions. When the process is complete, you should again see the KVLY NBC 11.1, KX4 CBS 11.2, and MeTV 11.3 programs.

If you have trouble receiving our channels even after rescanning, it’s possible that the signal from the temporary transmitter is too weak to receive. We will have the permanent full power transmitter on the air June 10. If you have difficulty getting KVLY, KX4 or MeTV from your cable TV or satellite provider, please contact them directly.

For more information, contact Valley News Live at 701-237-5211, visit, or the FCC website at