Job Service North Dakota says technical issues impacted distribution of unemployment stimulus

Published: Apr. 17, 2020 at 6:17 PM CDT
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North Dakota’s unemployment office says there have been technical issues with sending out the $600 federal stimulus.

Job Service North Dakota announced on Wednesday they hoped to give out the $600 extra in weekly benefits by this week.

But, Executive Director Bryan Klipfel said their system has been overwhelmed. If you’re unemployed and didn’t receive the money, you should get it by Tuesday.

“In the future it's going to be combined with the unemployment insurance... the $600 will come with that,” Klipfel said. “This week because of implementation, we sent out the regular unemployment checks and then we're going to send out the $600 for those who certified.”

The money became available after the federal government approved a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill.

Klipfel said after they sent out the initial $600, they'll then work on providing back pay for those who are owed more money.

The agency wanted to remind people who are unemployed to certify each week. That means performing a to do list. If you don’t, your benefits could be suspended.