Jamestown high-speed chase leads to Cass County CodeRED and two arrests

Published: Apr. 4, 2019 at 6:03 PM CDT
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Following a theft case out of Jamestown, people living in the area surrounding Wheatland, N.D. were advised to stay behind locked doors—while officers searched for two suspects. We visited the rural Wheatland farmstead, where the suspects were tracked by the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner issued a Shelter in Place warning for the area surrounding Wheatland, N.D. around 4:30 Thursday morning.

"We didn't initially know who we were dealing with and what their backgrounds were,” Jahner said. "Obviously they had fled from police, so we knew there was something more going on there.”

Jahner says his office came into play once a high-speed chase all the way from Jamestown—where there had been a property theft at the local Walmart—brought the suspects his way.

"At some point that vehicle was lost, and by using some tracking devices we were able to locate that vehicle in Cass County," Jahner said.

Officials say they found the suspects’ vehicle stuck in a snowbank south of the Absaraka Interchange. They then tracked footprints around the area. That led them to an abandoned farmstead in rural Wheatland, N.D.

"We had several leads,” Jahner said, “people were seeing different things out here, vehicles that were in the area and stuff like that."

One tip came from a neighbor who wished to remain unidentified, for fear of retaliation. The neighbor tells Valley News Live he was frightened, as he saw what he thinks was a suspect walking along the woods a couple hundred yards from his house—using his cell phone as a flashlight. The neighbor says he called 911 and notified officials around 5 a.m.

The suspects—22-year-old Dejon Demarcus Johnson and 21-year-old Tiffaney Ashley Simmons—were both charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

Upon further investigation, the sheriff's office says no weapons were found on them.

The CodeRED alert was lifted shortly after the suspects were identified. Officials say it was put into place for a couple reasons: so people would know why there were so many squad cars in the area, and because officials didn't initially know who they were dealing with, and what the suspects’ backgrounds were.

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