Jamestown Mother angry with school after she says bus driver slapped son on head

JAMESTOWN, N.D. (Valley News Live)- A Jamestown mother is angry with her child's school. She says her son with autism was hit on the head by his bus driver. And she claims she didn't hear about it until the end of the school day. Now, she wants something to change within the district so she reached out to our Whistleblower Hotline.

"He came back and hit me in the back of the head and I started crying," says Washington Elementary School student, Kyler Smith.

It happened on the way to school one morning. Amber Smith tells us her son, Kyler was riding the school bus to Washington Elementary. She says two kids decided to change seats on the bus. But that's when Smith says the driver mistook her son, who she claims wasn't doing anything, for one of the kids changing seats.

"The bus driver smacked my son in the back of the head pretty hard," says Jamestown Mother, Amber Smith.

Smith says when her son got to school, he was crying and told the principal about what happened. That's when she says, the bus company was contacted.

But Smith tells us after this happened, she didn't hear anything from the school. In fact, she said she found out about it through her daughter when her kids got home.

"We weren't happy that we had to find out about it from my 9-year old daughter and it happened in the morning on the way to school," says Smith.

That prompted the school district and the bus company, Dietrich, to investigate. First, the driver was suspended. Then shortly after, the bus driver as they put it, was let go.

As for Amber and her son, there's a new a bus driver now on his route. She tells us the superintendent apologized to her and she's grateful for that. But now she says if something like this ever happens again to her child, she wants to know.

"How long was it going to take to call? I mean it would have taken 2 minutes to call one of his parents to tell them. They have a secretary, somebody should have called," says Smith.

An official with the Jamestown Police Department tells us they investigated the incident and it’s now been passed over to the State's Attorney office. They'll review if any charges are necessary.