Jail Administrator defends use of protective custody in Greywind case

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Fargo, ND - "I can't say that I've ever had an inmate in this jail before for a crime that's shocked the community as much as this has." says Captain Andrew Frobig, an Administrator at Cass County Jail

He's responsible for the safety of all inmates moving through the facility.

Frobig has been given the task of making sure that Brooke Crews and William Hoehn, who were arrested in connection to Greywind's disappearance, have their chance for a fair trial.

"They are not subject to vigilante justice. They are entitled to their day in court" says Frobig.

Right now, the two are isolated from physical contact with other prisoners as part of protective custody called 'Special Management'.

Frobig, along with other jail officials, decided this would be the best option not only to protect the 2 accused, but also to keep other inmates safe.

"I have to take into account that somebody might try to do something impulsive and, if they fight back, what if they hurt another inmate? Then we're going to be sitting here saying 'you knew what they were capable of based on their charges. Why didn't you keep them separate in the first place?'" says Frobig.

There's also concern that any attack against Hoehn or Crews could start a chain reaction of violence.

"We try to deal with problems while they're small before they get big and, if I can avoid a fight between two people, I can prevent it from spilling over into something larger" says Frobig.

Frobig knows how people feel towards the 2 prisoners in his charge and doesn't want to take a side in the argument of what should happen to them.

However, he says that it's his responsibility to protect the lives of all of his inmates regardless of what they're accused of.

"It's my duty, as a jail Administrator, whether people agree with it or not, to make sure that no one can intentionally cause them harm and there's plenty of sentiment out there for me to be justifiably concerned about that" says Frobig.

A concern that'll make for a long wait as these two will face many court dates as investigators seek justice for Savanna Greywind.

The next court date for Crews is September 28th and Hoehn will be in court on October 4th.

They will remain in protective custody until jail officials think they are no longer at risk themselves or a risk to others.