Importance of checking for home damage after a storm

Published: Jun. 9, 2020 at 10:45 PM CDT
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Following storms in the Valley, local home inspectors in the Fargo area warn that severe weather can wreak havoc on your home.

"What we see most often is wind damage,” said Cody Lewis, a home inspector at Pro Tech Home Inspection Services. “That can be wind damage to the building materials themselves such as torn or missing shingles that have been lifted up, debris that might hit the building from branches that blew off."

Lewis says roof damage is the most common, whether that be from strong winds or hail.

After a storm rolls through, it’s important to check on your roof because if your shingles come off or come loose, that can result in future leaks or further damage.

"Water and buildings are mortal enemies,” Lewis said. “You can have mold and mildew issues, water damage to the finished materials inside, or even water damage to things you have stored inside the house."

Being proactive can stop more damage from happening.

"Most of the time you can see the roof from the ground,” Lewis said. “You don't even need to get up on the roof to see wind damage most of the time. You can take a good pair of binoculars, walk around, and just anything that looks abnormal or out of place. If it looks like there is an area where the shingles have moved or there might be a missing patch of shingles, that a good time to have an expert come out."

You can also check that roof turbines and equipment haven’t come loose.

Lewis recommends while you walk around your home, also make sure that your gutters are clear and pointing water away from your home.

He says another common problem after storms is water pooling around your house.

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