Iconic North Dakota barn known for bringing people together, rebuilt after burning down

Published: Aug. 19, 2019 at 8:14 PM CDT
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An iconic entertainment hot spot in rural, North Dakota is about to reopen. Thousands of young people and some not so young, have met their Mr. and Mrs. at what used to be called Herb Johnson's barn in Arthur, North Dakota. The barn was handed down several years ago and a short time later, it burned down. But it's back.

"It gets to be like a gathering, a place where they meet new friends," says Arthur’s Barn Owner, Delon Cahoon.

If these walls could talk, they wouldn't have much to say yet. But that's not the case for the barn that once stood in the same exact spot.

"After the dance, she come over and thanked us, she had such a good time. She says I’m by far the oldest person here and I say, well how old are you? And she goes, it isn't any of your damn business," says Cahoon.

Arthur’s Barn has been a long-running dance hall for people all around the area. Even before owner Delon Cahoon and his wife bought the barn, it was a hot spot for people to come take in the music and cut the rug.

The two have carried on its tradition that's decades old of holding concerts, dance nights and weddings. They tell us they have loved every second of meeting new people and welcoming familiar faces.

"That's what makes it fun," says Cahoon.

But all of that was destroyed almost two years ago. The barn burnt to the ground.

"Just looking out at the mess was kind of sickening for a year until we got it cleaned up," says Cahoon.

But in the ash and soot, Cahoon saw a new opportunity. He told his wife right away he was going to rebuild it and he did just that. Almost two years later and lots of hard work, the barn is back again.

"By the middle of September, we had the frame up. Since then, me and another fellow basically have been working weekends and I work nights after work," says Cahoon.

And the Cahoon's are hoping it will serve the same purpose it has for decades.

"It's going to be exciting to have everyone back. We’ve met so many nice people," says Cahoon.

That’s bringing people from all over, together.

Cahoon tells us the barn still has a little more work to go. The first show will be September 13th. To keep up with events at the barn, you can visit their Facebook page or their website here: