'I want to know what he did to her.': Family of missing Moorhead teen speak out

Published: Apr. 19, 2020 at 9:03 PM CDT
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Family and friends are begging for answers tonight as Moorhead Police suspect missing 19-year-old Dystynee Avery has been murdered.

Avery has been missing since April 3, 2020, and her family says she was last with 27-year-old Ethan Broad, as she was temporarily staying at his apartment.

Moorhead Police booked Broad into the Clay County Jail Friday night where he’s being held on second degree murder charges.

“He will not tell anybody where she’s at which is the hardest part. And now that I know that she is gone, I want answers. I want to know where she’s at. I want to know what he did to her," Doreen Avery, Dystynee's mom said.

Doreen says this wasn’t the first time Broad has helped her daughter out, as Dystynee has stayed with Broad multiple other times in the past. Doreen says as far as she was concerned Broad was a great guy and friend to Dystynee, and says she had zero red flags.

“For him to do what he did, I guess I really don’t know him. Because obviously he’s capable of taking someone’s life,” Doreen said.

Both Doreen and Dystynee’s boyfriend, Jordan Yarobrough say they received calls from a worried Ethan Broad on April 3, explaining he and Dystynee had a fight the night before and when he woke up Dystynee was gone.

“A bunch of B.S. because obviously he had already taken her life. She was already gone," Doreen said.

“Ethan had told me four different stories. It didn’t add up,” Jordan said.

As a social butterfly Doreen and Jordan say they usually heard from Dystynee at least once a day.

“It did not matter what was going on. Dystynee called me every day, even if it was just to say, ‘Mom, I love you,’ Doreen said.

“If you seem down, she’ll try and get it out of it, and keep you happy all the time, keep you motivated,” Dystynee said.

However, they say as Broad’s stories continued to change and days went by without a word from Dystynee their concerns grew.

“That’s when I knew that something happened because it’s not like her not to call me, not like her not to blow up my phone or blow up her dad’s phone," Doreen said.

Doreen says Moorhead Police haven’t been able to share many details with her yet, but says she knows the case is in good hands.

She says she prays answers, justice, and the discovery Dystynee’s body come soon.

“I hope and pray he tells them where she’s at, so she can be brought home and put to rest in the place she wanted to be,” Doreen said.

Dystynee is originally from Colorado, where both her parents and family are still located. A GoFundMe has been set up for the Avery’s to help with travel and funeral costs. If you’d like to donate

If anyone has any information regarding this investigation, please contact the Red River Regional Dispatch Center at (701) 451-7660 and ask to speak with a Moorhead Police Department Investigator.

The Moorhead Police Department is being assisted by the MN Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Clay County Sheriff's Office. No further information is available at this time. The investigation is still ongoing.