'I said get the eff out' - More details on Saturday's criminal tresspasses in West Fargo

Published: Sep. 10, 2019 at 7:07 PM CDT
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Some people in West Fargo say they were scared when they saw a man they didn't know standing in their home Saturday night. We spoke with them, and got an explanation from the man charged with criminal trespass.

Corey Norton was in his West Fargo home Saturday night when he says an unexpected visitor let himself in and asked if he could pass out on Norton’s couch.

"I said ‘get the eff out’ is what I said to him,” Norton says. “And he said, 'well I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad or offend you,’ and trying to shake my hand, I'm like, ‘no, just get out.’"

Norton says the shirtless young man then jumped the fence into Norton’s yard, looking for a way out.

"I just walked around to the back door and I said, ‘what are you doing?’” Norton says. “'Well, I can't find my way to get out of this place.' I said, 'use the gate.’"

Court records say 21-year-old Jacob King, charged with three counts of criminal trespass, stopped by at least two more homes—and entered one. That homeowner tells Valley News Live she pushed the man back out the door.

Another neighbor we spoke with, wishing to remain anonymous, tells us the man pounded on his window so hard, he actually broke through the screen.

In an email, King's mother tells us her son spent the day tailgating and drank way too much. She says he was dropped off at the wrong house, and was not looking to harm anyone.

Jacob himself reached out to us, saying he just wants to apologize to the families involved.

"I could clearly see that he was, you know, not all there," Norton says.

North Dakota Century Code 12.1-05-06 says force is justified if it is used to prevent or terminate an unlawful entry or other trespass in or upon premises...

Norton says the young man is lucky to be alive.

"Had it been in a different state, he wouldn't have been here,” he says. “They'd have shot him."

West Fargo police aren't commenting, saying it's still an open investigation. But court records show a judge issued a no-contact order against King for that neighborhood.

King is charged with two Class C felonies and a Class A Misdemeanor.

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