How to combat mosquitoes at home

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) Standing water from recent storms is all over the valley and more rain is headed our way this weekend making perfect conditions for mosquitoes.

Cass County Vector Control tells us numbers are higher than they were last year at this time, but they're nothing too extreme.

They say another big batch of mosquitoes are set to hatch in the next couple of days, so we talked with experts on how you can protect your family and home from mosquitoes.

"Just make sure your gutters are cleaned out properly. If it's gonna rain, make sure you have them down so the water goes away from your house," Rick Kuhn, owner of Veteran's Pest Control said.

Kuhn says to make sure your grass is always mowed to about three inches and get rid of any standing water.

"Don't forget about your dogs watering dish too because moquitoes can lay eggs in there and that can affect your pets health," Kuhn explained.

We checked out what homeowners could pick up at a local store to fight off mosquitoes and found all sorts of sprays and treatments ranging from $4 to $70. However, Kuhn says to keep the bugs out of your garage with a net like his will cost you close to $200.

"Mosquitos are usually most biting from dusk to dawn, so you wanna properly protect yourself," Kuhn said.

If you're hanging outside during those high bite times, Kuhn says to bring out a fan and keep a yellow light on your front and back porches to attract less bugs.

"Mosquitoes don't like air movement, so if you want sit around the campfire just have a little fan blowing behind you," Kuhn said.

Vector control says a dead crow tested positive for West Nile Virus yesterday in north Fargo -- a reminder for you to be careful when you're outdoors.

They say crews will be out in the metro tonight spraying for the second time this week.