How bad can flood waters damage your car?

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) Water flooded many neighborhood streets in Tuesday's storm just as people in the Valley were headed home for the night.

And the aftermath left a lot of drivers calling in the experts to help.

"Water has a lot of pressure and especially if you're driving through it pretty quickly, it can actually drive up underneath your engine bay or things underneath the vehicle with quite a bit of force and it can actually bend metal in some cases," Travis DeVries, manager at Matt's Automotive in south Fargo said.

Matt's Automotive says they had over 50 calls for service today— All stemming from navigating through those high waters.

"Sometimes even if you're going slow, if it's deep enough it can get in areas where it's not supposed to," DeVries said.

He says water damage can end up costing you anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars. He even says in some 'catastrophic cases' it might be cheaper just to get a new car.

"Today's vehicles are very complicated and very sophisticated, so some parts can be quite expensive," he said.

He says in storms like Tuesday night, you should avoid driving roads you don't know, or any roads you think might have a lot of divots or potholes.

"If it goes above where your rim and tire meet, you probably shouldn't be going through it," DeVries said.

DeVries also says it's probably best to just park your car somewhere dry and walk to your destination.

"It's not real convenient, but it does save that potential and not-so-fun repairs to your vehicle," he said.

DeVries also says if you must go through a flooded road, to keep your speed around five to 10 miles an hour, and to stay in the middle of the road if possible.

He says as flash flooding has continued to hit the Valley the last few weeks has brought a lot of water damaged cars into the shops. DeVries added that this storm only means the service centers will be pretty busy for the next week or so.