The wish that brought one family closer together

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Cameron Winkler knows his Star Wars. "The only that one I've only seen part of is 'Revenge of the Sith' because that one is rated PG13. It's pretty inappropriate," he says.

He was born with a rare condition called spina bifida. Cameron says he's had too many surgeries to count. So after being nominated by a teacher, Make-A-Wish brought Cameron's favorite characters to life - with a Star Wars character cruise.

"It was just so special - the way he got to see all the characters,” says Cameron's dad Kevin.

"She actually came up to me and said, 'Have you seen my bounty?' And I was like, 'Are you talking about Jango Fett? Because no, I have not seen him,'" Cameron recalls. "I saw a couple storm troopers, and I saw Kylo Ren."

Even though the trip was Cameron's wish, his family says it was a blessing for everyone.

"When you have a child that has a life threatening illness or condition, you look at one day at a time or one surgery at a time or one procedure at a time sometimes - and the fact that we were able to count down looking forward to that trip and Cameron getting a wish granted, it just was a huge blessing for him and for our entire family,” says Verona Winkler, Cameron's mom.

"We're a pretty close family, so doing all of that together was a lot of fun,” adds Cameron's brother Brandon.

"We were all, literally, in tears the last night of the cruise, because we knew it was going to be coming to an end," says Kevin Winkler.

The wish brought more than just the family of five together.

"Some people came by... and they said, 'Did you come on this cruise because of Make-A-Wish?' And we said 'Yeah', and they said, 'We're so glad to hear that because we've donated to Make-A-Wish before,'" Kevin says.

Proving that in the real world, much like Star Wars, there are a lot of good guys.

"Only the good guys win, and the bad guys always lose,' Cameron says. "Nobody wants bad guys to win."

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