Fire destroys Warsaw house leaving family homeless and killing 6 pets

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WARSAW, N.D. (KVLY) A Walsh County family suffered a devastating loss less than two weeks before Thanksgiving Day, as a fire destroyed their home and killed their pets.

But the family claims their home could've been saved if the fire department showed up earlier.

The Wright Family tells us they were just a few months away from owning their home in Warsaw, but a Monday morning blaze burned through those plans.

“It’s just devastating, it’s hard,” Steven Wright, who lived the home with his wife Angela and three kids, said.

Wright said the fire began shortly after 9 a.m.

“In our hallway, by our bathroom, there were flames in the ceiling,” Wright said. “My wife was frantic trying to throw water in the air.”

Wright was next door at his mom’s house when he saw a plume of smoke. He then ran home and tried extinguishing the flames with a hose, but it was frozen.

“The last thing I did was break the water main [pipes] in the bathroom, in the kitchen,” Wright said. “I was pulling the pipes to make it spray water.”

Although no human lives were lost in the fire, two dogs and four cats were killed.

“I could hear them inside,” Steven Wright said. “That was just the saddest thing I could bare, was just hearing them call for me and I couldn’t go back in.”

The family claims it took the Minto Rural Volunteer Fire Department at least an hour to respond after they called 911.

We reached out to the fire department for a response and we’re hoping to hear back soon.

Wright said the home wasn’t insured.

“We’ve made it through some hard times. This is the hardest that we’re facing, but we’re a strong family and we’ll make it through,” Wright said.

In the meantime, his family is trying to find permanent living arrangements. They’re staying at a motel until Sunday.

He doesn’t know what caused the fire.

For anyone interested in helping the Wright family, please call them at 701-360-1243.