Hot weather means dangerous car temps

Published: May. 16, 2018 at 6:22 PM CDT
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It finally feels like summer outside -- but with that comes concerns on what to remember to grab before leaving your car.

A study from San Francisco State University shows you car can reach temps as high as 138 degrees. Today here in Fargo temps reached close to 90 degrees.. But it's even hotter inside.

We know not to leave our kids and pets in a hot car, but there's a few other things to add to the list....

First, always take your phone charger and any other electronics when you get out because the heat can damage or ruin them, which costs big bucks in the end

Also don't leave behind any prescriptions. The summer heat can actually change the way medications work with your body. Experts even say to even take over-the-counters like ibuprofen out with you, too just to be safe.

But making sure to take plastic bottles or children's sippy cups out of a hot car is the most important thing to do. The sun and heat causes the toxins and chemicals from the plastic to leak into your drinks, having harmful effects on the body.

And at the end of a hot day when you get back into car, make sure to roll the windows down and get some air flowing before you blast your A/C so your car doesn't have to work as hard...