Horizon student sent home with concussion after major fight at school

Moorhead, MN - (Valley News Live) A Horizon student was sent home Wednesday with a concussion after a major fight at school.

School officials along with Moorhead Police are investigating the fight involving four students in a bathroom at Horizon East Middle School.

This has been the second fight that's broken out in the halls of Horizon East Middle School in the last week alone.

"So I need to know, what action are they taking to prevent this because these kids are just out of control."

One Horizon mom who didn't want to go on camera says it's become a problem and is worried about the fights escalating.

"You don't know how bad its gonna escalate. You don't if its gonna cause like some sort of, not to be scary, but a school shooting."

Students say these fights happen somewhat frequently, at least once every 2 weeks.

The fights are also being recorded and posted on social media.

One Instagram account titled "Horizon Fights", posted a video just before 7 P.M. on Wednesday.

The contents of the videos can't be shown due to copyright, but the posts show students fighting inside and outside the school, while other students look on.

The videos on this account have been seen over 600 times, and comments ask to "post more".

Moorhead Schools released the following statement regarding the incident:

"Moorhead Area Public Schools is committed to the safety of our students and staff. We take incidents of this nature seriously and will take all action necessary to ensure that students entrusted to our care are able to learn in a safe and secure environment.

Superintendent Brandon Lunak commented, “It is deeply concerning to me to see this kind of behavior. Our goal is to create and maintain campuses that feel safe for all of our students, staff, and families. The district is currently engaging in a comprehensive school climate and culture project. Our ultimate goal for campus safety includes disciplinary sanctions when student behavior falls below our acceptable code as well as teaching prevention and replacement responses when students are unable to self-regulate in healthy ways.”