Hooligans provides night out for families with kids living with autism

WEST FARGO, N.D. ( Valley News Live ) - One West Fargo restaurant is working to make everyone's dining experience more enjoyable, especially for those with autism.

Hooligans closed the family friendly dining side of the restaurant Monday evening and welcomed families living with autism.

Background music was set low and the tv's were kept off to limit the sensory experience.

This was all done to create a less stressful dining experience.

Paula Reyes, Hooligans Manager, said she wanted to give families who face unique challenges a chance to get out and enjoy an evening.

“It’s so families who aren't able to go out in public can't enjoy
themselves, there are other distractions...embarrassed if their kids are reacting to things. We just want to make a public, safe place for those families to come and enjoy dinner,” said Reyes.

This is the first time the restaurant has done this at their new larger location Reyes hopes on hosting more family friendly events to come