Holy Savior Menard Students march on Washington for the right to life

Father John Wiltse says he is grateful that President Donald Trump is now supporting the...
Father John Wiltse says he is grateful that President Donald Trump is now supporting the pro-life movement. (GRAYDC)
Published: Jan. 27, 2017 at 2:45 PM CST
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Thousands in Washington marching for life, including local students! Holy Savior Menard sent a group of kids to our nation’s capital to take part in the march just one week after the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

"Jesus tells us that we all are called to love, so this is us loving the unborn," said Carly Phillips from Holy Savior Menard Central High School.

Phillips traveled all the way to Washington to let her voice ring out. Her fellow student Briggs Carbo says more respect needs to be shown to the unborn.

"You have to think, what if you were the one who got aborted or didn’t have a chance to live?" said Carbo.

The students say they are thrilled to see thousands from all over join together with the anti-abortion message.

"It’s pretty cool that we’re all here for the same thing. It’s just amazing," said Carbo.

This march comes a week after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, and six days after the Women’s March on Washington. Unlike many at Saturday’s women’s march, many here are excited for a Donald Trump presidency and what it could mean for pro-lifers.

"We need their help to say yes," said Father John Wiltse from Holy Savior Menard. "We need them to help us make good decisions, to make policies. We can’t do it without them."

President Trump once said he was "very pro-choice". Now he and his administration fight for life. Father John says he is happy the president changed his mind.

"Whether he did it or not to get points and to get into office, OK," said Father John. "But he’s standing behind it right now so we’re grateful for that."

Vice President Mike Pence also spoke during the ceremony. It marked the first time in the event’s 43 history that a Vice President has been a speaker.