Holiday prep in the Valley

Published: Nov. 17, 2019 at 9:48 PM CST
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We are still more than a week away from thanksgiving, but many people in the Valley are getting in the holiday spirit.

For one Fargo man, the holiday cheer kicks off every year in September.

Ryan Finley started his morning hanging wreaths at Vision Bank. Then, he spent about four hours at a West Fargo home, wrapping trees.

Each tree takes him about an hour and gets one-thousand lights. This is just one of 200 houses he will go to this year.

"Definitely not a day off. I would say from mid September until the middle of December, it's seven days a week, 16 hours a day," Finley says. "It's go time. Rain or shine, snow, wind."

Finley is the owner and operator at Finley on the Roof.

He's been decorating for about 10 years.

He also has a wife and three little ones at home. They say, he works for Santa.

"I love Christmas. I always have, since I was a little kid," Finley says."I even sometimes hum Christmas music while i'm September."

It all started when he offered to help a friend put up lights on her roof--it snowballed from there.

The twinkling lights at West Acres, several banks and homes in town--Finley has his hands full.

"I love driving down the streets and seeing lights on the Christmas houses," Fargo resident Bert Semura says. "It really shows a Fargo spirit, in terms of how we treat Christmas."

Finley says the brutal winters can make hanging light dangerous.

Anyone who feels uncomfortable should think about hiring a professional.

"I always talk to one of my roommates about setting up Christmas lights," Semura says. "But, we don't know how to do this. We don't have ladders or anything like that. I think it's nice we have opportunities like that."

Semura and Finley agree, it's never too early to turn on the Christmas lights.

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